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Halloween night

1 Nov

We had a blast at the party!  Here’s how I ended up looking:


Halloween costume

This may be the closest I come to participating in a marathon

To demonstrate how well Andrew’s costume turned out, here’s a comparison:


Andrew and Colin

which one is which? haha

Colin by far had the most creative costume.  Anybody from Houston will be familiar with the local outcry against the Ashby High Rise.  Colin’s costume is the movement’s cartoonish bogeyman building featured on the ubiquitous signs around Southampton and Boulevard Oaks.  So clever!


Andrew, Colin, Jamie, and Courtney

notice the photo-bombing activity

I am under threat of death, so I can’t post any of the photos from the dance floor.  Unfortunately, every photo is a potential career killer.  But I can tell you that the dancing was dominated by Tom Cruise from Risky Business, a flapper, My Little Pony, and a broken cheerleader.  Don’t you wish you could see those pictures?

Many thanks to our hosts for their creative party and good times!  I will leave you with this lovely image:


Halloween party food

nothing like a broken baby doll to tempt the appetite







Halloween Shopping

31 Oct

I love Halloween.  I love dressing up, the cheesy puns, the strange things people consider “spooky”, and the attempts at cleverness.  Unfortunately, this year I couldn’t think of a good costume.  Last year I had a great costume, and it made my whole night so much more fun.

Halloween 2008

the bigger the hair, the closer to God

This year, I just never had that moment of inspiration.  We are going to our friends’ Colin and Jamie’s costume party tonight.  This morning Andrew had the inspired idea to dress like Jamie and Colin.  Perfect!  Here are Jamie and Colin:

Colin and Jamie

cute couple, no?

Jamie ran a marathon last year, and they got engaged a month ago, so I will be a marathon runner with a huge diamond ring.  Andrew got a sweet dark wig, and we’ll be drawing on some lovely sideburns.  On our frantic shopping trip this morning, we encountered scenes like this:


believe it or not, next to this shelf is a bunch of Christmas stuff

My mom was on the hunt for us as well, and she found the wig we needed at the 5 and 10 on Rice Blvd.  (I will do a post on that iconic establishment soon.)

Here’s some of the wonderful Halloween items we found:

vampire costume

this costume is FOR SURE from the eighties, maybe the seventies


Not a great photo, but an awesome wig! It looks just like Colin's hair, haha!

I’ll add a photo once we get all dressed and are “in character”!  Oh wait, I almost forgot my favorite accessory…

engagement ring

hellooo, beautiful diamond!