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a Facebook detective story

8 Apr

Love this true story about a woman who tracked down her stolen computer and wallet, then claimed them in person, using Facebook.  

It turned out Bransky lived just minutes away, so Mote hopped in her car in sweats, Uggs and a super-sexy hair clip and headed to Jamie’s place. The pair drove to Bransky’s apartment, unsure of how they’d obtain her stuff but determined to investigate further. But what would they find?

Read the whole story, involving alcohol, status updates, a couple small dogs, and a grown man peeing himself.


Not Comforting

7 Apr

Mike Allen at Politico notes that the Obama Administration “is bracing for a much slower pace and big changes in his proposals as early urgency and excitement give way to the more languid rhythms that are the norm for Congress.”

A big part of their communication strategy will now focus on highlighting incremental progress on the Obama agenda, to show people Washington is working again. 

Am I hallucinating, or did Congress (at the behest of the Administration) not just pass a $789 billion stimulus bill and a $2.6 TRILLION 2010 budget?  It seems like the last reassurance we need is that Washington is working.  Great line from the last link:

Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) denounced the Democrats’ budget for its deficits. “We are spending like drunken sailors,” Mr. Ryan said. “Wait, I apologize to the drunken sailors of America for that comment.”

Love it.


7 Apr

Only took me two years to finally set this up… I’ll be tweaking the blog for the next few days, but keep in touch, and hopefully I will get this off the ground asap.