Not Comforting

7 Apr

Mike Allen at Politico notes that the Obama Administration “is bracing for a much slower pace and big changes in his proposals as early urgency and excitement give way to the more languid rhythms that are the norm for Congress.”

A big part of their communication strategy will now focus on highlighting incremental progress on the Obama agenda, to show people Washington is working again. 

Am I hallucinating, or did Congress (at the behest of the Administration) not just pass a $789 billion stimulus bill and a $2.6 TRILLION 2010 budget?  It seems like the last reassurance we need is that Washington is working.  Great line from the last link:

Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) denounced the Democrats’ budget for its deficits. “We are spending like drunken sailors,” Mr. Ryan said. “Wait, I apologize to the drunken sailors of America for that comment.”

Love it.


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