random: it’s such a small world

12 Apr

If you click on a post on Word Press, there are a couple of “automatically generated, possibly related posts” linked underneath, before the comments.  I noticed one under this week’s “Sunday Stills” post titled Sunday Stills, so I clicked it to see what it was.  Obviously I wasn’t very creative when I came up with a title for this series last year, as there is a whole system with real photoblogs posting Sunday Stills with themes and everything.  The weird thing is – the girl whose blog I randomly clicked on has pictures from the tiny suburb of Cleveland that my boyfriend is from, right at the top of the page.  (You should definitely go look – her photographs are lovely!)  And not only that, but down the page a bit are photographs from the tiny island in Florida that he and his family have visited for 3 generations.  I’ve posted some pictures from Boca Grande here, which is where we spent Thanksgiving this year.

Seriously, what are the odds that of all the millions of blogs, I would click through to someone’s blog who is from such familiar, tiny, unlikely places?

Chagrin Falls, OH

Old Lighthouse, Boca Grande, FL


2 Responses to “random: it’s such a small world”

  1. Maggie April 12, 2010 at 9:15 am #

    Thanks for coming through my blog. A lot of people from Cleveland go to Boca Grande. Is there a possibility you can tell me the last name of your boyfriend? It’s possible I might know his family.

    • Courtney April 12, 2010 at 10:01 am #

      Yes, it’s strange to me being from Houston, where a lot of people go to Galveston or Lake McQueeney (local waters), or spread out all over Colorado and Utah. Comparatively, people from the northeast corner of Cleveland travel with the precision of a Monarch butterfly migration! Andrew’s family are the Hoyts, have you met any of them before? They are a fun crowd.

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