Dove Pie

2 Nov

Tonight I worked late, then spent an hour and a half grocery shopping, and then an hour cooking dinner and entertaining some girlfriends during a spontaneous girls’ night.  I’m sure one day I will look back on days like these and feel pangs of nostalgia for times when friends are always around, wine flows freely, and our conversations still revolve around boys and our social lives.  However.  Tonight I’m just tired.

I was planning to take some pictures and post the recipe of the mushroom and chicken casserole I made, but Andrew and I tore into it the moment it had cooled to a point that 3rd degree tongue burns were not necessarily inevitable.  It was pretty good – especially after I added a little truffle oil and parmesan as afterthoughts.  For the most part it was healthy – just 2% milk, skinless chicken breast, spinach, and mushrooms, with some flour and cornstarch to thicken.  I made enough for leftovers later this week, and I think we might enjoy it more the second time around!

Since I didn’t take pictures or anything, instead, I will share what we ate at our friends’ Lindsay and Andrew’s house last Thursday.  About a month ago, they spent some time down in south Texas shooting dove, and now have a freezer full of them.  Lindsay baked some into a pie, and the result is the most delicious sort of comfort food imaginable.  Not helpful with the weight loss plan, though!

Not to mention the copious amounts of red wine.

Dove pie

It didn't look like this for long...

I asked Lindsay for the recipe, so when I get it, I’ll update the post.  You know, in case you have some dove lying around in need of a good home.


strawberries, walnuts, and feta... mmm

Apple Cobbler

I managed to get a photo of the apple cobbler while there was still some left, but just barely.


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