Sushi night!

28 Oct

Andrew and I had some seriously good sushi tonight.  It all started when it rained all day, and yet stayed muggy and warm.  [What kind of “cold front” was that, anyway?]  When it came time to think about cooking dinner, all we could manage to find in my kitchen was half a bag of shell pasta, frozen tilapia, a wedge of gouda, and beer.  Normally, I would type my available ingredients into Epicurious to see what I might throw together, but I wasn’t feeling creative.  Plus I was STARVING, so I convinced Andrew that we should forgo saving money for just one night so we could eat sushi.

Luckily, we Houstonians have one of the best cheap sushi places in all the land: Oishii.  Nestled next to a tailor and a convenience store in a decidedly unhip strip center, Oishii still manages to run a waitlist full of hipsters and young professionals nearly every evening.  It helps that the food is delicious, the prices are ridiculously low, and the service is excellent.

Andrew and I go enough that we have worked out our favorite things to order, although we like to try different rolls every so often.  We always start with miso soup, then get salmon sushi, kani sushi, and a maki.  Tonight the maki we tried was the Rosi Roll: salmon, cucumber, and something else wrapped in seaweed and topped with salmon and eel.  Delicious.

I managed to delay my ravaging appetite long enough to take a couple of pictures:

Oishii miso

delicious miso soup...

Oishii sushi and maki

...followed by delicious sushi and maki.

You may have noticed that there is a lot of salmon on that plate.  The waiters at Oishii have noticed that too.  When I walk into the restaurant, they go into the back to get another pound of salmon in anticipation.  [Just kidding!  Well, actually, they might.]  If we get one of the waiters, Rosia, she will ask if I want the “usual”…haha!

The only downside to eating sushi is that it never makes me feel “full”, and it’s so delicious, I could eat it for hours.  I have to pry myself away from the table every time.  By the time I get home, I feel fine, like I’ve eaten enough.  It just takes my body a little longer to tell my brain to stop eating when there is sushi in front of me.


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